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Crescent Double Quartet

Crescent Double Quartet is the unique combination of a jazz quartet and a string quartet. The group plays new music written specially for this uncommon instrumentation by saxophonist Aart van Bergen and pianist Kaan Bıyıkoğlu. The group that was founded in 2010 just presented their debut album Radio Mundial and is now playing live shows through the Netherlands. International concerts are scheduled for february 2013.

The idea behind Radio Mundial is to create and play a very versatile repertoire of new music that fits the 21st century and its globalization of music. The compositions are inspired by places, folk tales, travels and music from all around the world: from the Sahara desert of North Africa to the Maya temples in the Guatamalan jungle; from Japanese anime to Hindustani classical music.


Saxophones: Aart van Bergen (Netherlands)
Piano: Kaan Bıyıkoğlu (Turkey)
Double bass: Sándor Kém (Hungary)
Drums: Benoit Martiny (Luxembourg)
1st Violin: Ben Mathot (Netherlands)
2nd Violin: Ioan Haffner (France)
Viola: Yanna Pelser (Netherlands)
Cello: Eduard Ninot (Spain)

"I had always imagined the possibility of strings playing jazz in a jazz ensemble. The opportunities for luscious sonorities and lively counterpoint seemed there for the taking, if musicians would want to try it. The Cresent Double Quartet has converted my imaginary music into reality."
Ed Peaco,

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The Crescent Double Quartet has been praised for its innovative music and excellent quality by several blogs on the web:

Strings Swing!

Jazz Beat


Crescent Double Quartet 2010
In 2010 the Crescent Double Quartet was founded by saxophonist/composer Aart van Bergen. To read more about their first project click here

Pictures Crescent Double Quartet:

Foto: Peter Harms

posted on May 14, 2010


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